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Security Bars, also called Burglar Bars or Window Bars, which are placed over windows, have become common in many cities around the country as crime increases.  It seems that many people are more afraid of being victims of crime than of being victims of a fire.  The very bars they live behind for protection are the same ones that create an escape barrier and trap them, preventing them from escaping the toxic fumes of smoke and the heat of fire.  Fire rescue and EMS personnel often find themselves encountering these obstructions, some of which are permanently installed over windows and cannot be opened to allow escape in case of an emergency.  These barriers must be overcome before any life safety can begin.  Bars on windows can quickly become a death trap for firefighters on the inside as well.  Smoke detectors, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors are all part of a good fire safety plan, but donít provide the total solution if the smoke and flames cannot be escaped.

Windows and doors with security bars should have quick-release devices to allow them to be opened immediately in an emergency.  If the security bars on a home, especially on bedroom windows, are permanently fixed or do not have quick release devices, they should be retrofitted with an approved quick-release device.  These devices operate from inside and allow the bars to be opened for emergency escape without compromising the security of your home.  The quick-release devices should be easy to open without the use of a key, detailed knowledge, or great physical effort.  Some states and cities have adopted building codes, which required that all dwellings leave some windows unbarred, to address this problem.

The FastExit security bar release is simply the very best quick releasing device for security bars, window bars, or burglar bars.  When Life Safety counts, use only the FastExit security bar release by Exit Technologies, LLC.  It is one of the best products ever developed to reduce the numbers of deaths and injuries from deadly smoke and fire.